Mild Traumatic Brain
Injury & Concussion

A mild traumatic brain injury or concussion occurs when there is blow to the head that temporarily disrupts brain function and interferes with the sleep/wake cycle. For many individuals the injury may seem so mild that they do not go to the hospital or even seek medical care. If they are admitted to a hospital they may be dismissed as okay.

Common symptoms including fatigue, dizziness, headaches, difficulty with memory and concentration, slowed thinking and language, sensitivity to noise and light and irritability. For most patients these symptoms resolve within a few months. For some there is continued difficulty even after a year or longer.

A neuropsychologist can help to evaluate and clarify the diagnosis and to provide counseling on how to best manage the symptoms during the natural course of recovery.

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Dr. Wolfe is a clinical psychologist with specialized training and experience in the field of neuropsychology.  He is an expert in the areas of geriatric neuropsychology, head injury and the treatment of depression.  Dr. Wolfe has appeared before various courts and provided expert testimony concerning matters of mental capacity and disability.

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